A Dog Bites Attorney In Las Vegas

attacked by a dog

On one side, dogs can be sweet, cute and cuddly.  They are known as man’s best friend for a reason and as a result numerous Americans own dogs as part of the “American Dream”.  The truth is, not all dogs hold true to the statement of man’s best friend and when this is the case, a dog bites attorney is there for you.

Most Common Places For Dog Bites to Occur:

- On your property
- On a neighbor’s property
- At a park
- On public property (streets and sidewalks)

All too frequently we hear of cases where dogs turn.  Dogs are instinctual creatures that aim to protect their property.  Many times, people fail to recognize that they just animals after all and small things can set them off.

Locally in Las Vegas, we have even heard of cases where family dogs will suddenly turn on small children, which is hard to believe, but this is why a dog bite attorney exists; to ensure justice is sought and adequate treatment is obtained.  On the news, numerous times you see cases where dogs turn.  Imagine your 6-year-old child who loves animals harmlessly approaching the neighbors dog; all it takes is one second of distraction.  Within the blink of an eye your child could be attacked and who will pay for the plastic surgery afterward?

Mail carriers and package delivery people frequently also deal with dog bites and/or mauling.  These citizens are simply doing their job, but dogs can be defensive, especially when the regular worker goes on vacation.  Have you substituted for an employee and fallen subject to an overprotective animal?  This happens more than you may think particularly since so many animals are both territorial and trained to protect their owners.  How do these animals know who the good or bad people are?  In their mind they are simply doing what they are supposed to, protect their owners and home from intruders.

What happens when an animal turns on you?  Of course, no one wants to see an animal be put to sleep or even see its owner mourn, but neighborhoods need to be kept safe.  Here at Simon Law Group we aim to ensure your well- being as well as everyone who was involved in this case.

If you were recently attacked by a dog and are looking for compensation due to pain and suffering, doctor’s bills, owner neglect and more contact Simon Law Group at (702) 364- 1650 or by scheduling an appointment online.