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attacked by a dog

Dogs and Their Owners

Proper discipline and training is essential for responsible pet owners. There are numerous laws in place requiring dogs to be properly fenced or leashed. Sadly, what once was considered common sense dog ownership is being completely ignored these days. The results can be tragic.

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The Impact of Dog Bites

Vicious dog attacks can cause serious injuries and can be detrimental to the mental health of victims. For a child, it can be especially harmful. A dog attack in early life can cause a child to have a lifelong fear of dogs, whether a dog is friendly or not. The elderly are also prone to dog bites, causing extra, unneeded health problems.

Dog bites can cause

Deep puncture wounds
Severed fingers
Permanent scarring

Responsible pet ownership requires proper training and restraint of your pets. Not only are pets often undisciplined by the owner, but the owner is sometimes in denial about the canine’s behavior. Litigation by a good attorney can provide the restitution you need, and can serve as a warning to dog owners about the necessity of proper behavioral training.