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Simon Law Group paired with Las Vegas attorney Daniel Simon is no stranger to drunk driving accidents.  In fact, he has been praciting law for over 20 years and is known for settling multimillion dollar cases.  This lawyer can get you fair compensation in a timely manner!

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Las Vegas is no stranger to driving under the influence.  Also known as “Sin City”, it is clearly a place where locals and tourists alike, like to have a good time.  Sadly, that “good time” too frequently includes excessive drinking paired with the not so smart decision of getting behind the wheel.  Sure, you may get away with it, but on the other hand you are putting yourself and numerous innocent people in danger.

If you recently were caught driving under the influence and are in need of representation call drunk driving attorney of Las vegas, Dan Simon at (702) 364- 1650.

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If you were recently pulled over for driving under the influence you should be contacting a drunk driving accident attorney in Las Vegas immediately. Depending on how many offenses an individual has had they could face some serious repercussions. This could include hefty fines, possible jail time, a suspended license and more. Receiving a DUI could cost you thousands, not to mention the loss of a job since you could be losing your ability to drive yourself to and from work. It really is shocking how many people still find themselves driving under the influence when they know how much they have to lose.

Companies such as AAA have tried to cut down on drunk driving. On New Year’s Eve they hold a special where they will tow anyone’s car and provide them with a free ride home between the hours of 6 p.m. on 12/31 ro 6 a.m. on 1/1. This is for both members and non-members in order to keep our communities safe.