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How do Hotels Get Away with Denying Compensation?

You might be wondering how hotels could possibly get off the hook in certain accident cases. The answer is quite simple – they are armed with lawyers, and the average accident victim is not. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. By contacting a hotel injury attorney, you can level the playing field.

contact simon lawEven in the best case scenario, hotels and chain corporations will not do anything to admit fault. They are assuming that the individuals involved will not press the issue any further once their accident report is processed. Don’t fall into this statistic. Contact Simon Law Group at (702) 364-1650 today and schedule your consultation as soon as possible.

Hotels are meant to be a relaxing, carefree getaway for you to escape to. When you stay at a hotel, you should feel safe knowing that the hotel itself is held to safety standards set by both the federal and state governments. In a perfect world, all hotels would meet these standards, and abide by the policies and regulations meant to keep you and other guests safe on the premises. However, all too often, hotels fail to meet these standards, or fail to observe routine procedure policies, resulting in accidents and injuries.

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Who is Expected to Pay After a Hotel Accident?

While it may seem obvious that the hotel should pay for your medical expenses, this is rarely ever the case unless a hotel injury lawyer gets involved. Not only will hotels try to get out of helping you with medical expenses, but some hotels even expect guests to pay the full price for their entire stay as well. The good news is that there are steps you can take to fight back, especially if you have proof of negligence.

What Qualifies as Negligence?

Anything with the potential to cause injury that the hotel knew about would fall under negligence. But that’s not all; sometimes there are cases where the hotel may not have known about a potentially dangerous situation, but is still at fault due to other obligations. For example, perhaps it rains and water leaks onto the floor. The hotel may not have been aware of the leak, but if their roof was not properly inspected and up to code, they are still very much at fault if someone slips and falls.