A Trusted Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Las Vegas

When people chose to live in the desert a motorcycle tends to be the must-have accessory.  With warm temperatures almost 9 months a year, who wouldn’t want to feel the wind in their hair as they soar through places such as Red Rock Canyon, Mount Charleston, Lake Mead and Lake Las Vegas?  Numerous people enjoy the open feel of a motorcycle and the thrill of riding on one, but owning a motorcycle also means an increased risk of injury that people often times fail to consider.

With only 2 wheels and a helmet protecting you from the elements, the risk of injury is obviously much greater than riding in a family- size Toyota SUV.  If you are expelled from a motorcycle chances are the injuries will not be minor ones, and if you were not at fault during the accident, this can only make matters more complicated.

getting in a motorcycle accident

Common motorcycle accidents include:

-Colliding with an automobile
-Hitting a deer or some type of large animal
-Hitting a road barrier
-Untreated roads
-And more
Chances are when a motorcyclist crashes, they will be expelled from their vehicle.   Depending on how fast they are traveling and how hard the crash is, this could mean some serious damage.  All too frequently, motorcyclists experience broken bones, fractures,  head trama and even may fall into coma.  The motocycles themselves someone fall on riders resulting in severe legs and/ or ribcage damage.  Some motorcycles weigh up to 600 pounds! This does not even include the amount of weight that may fall on a person’s leg if two riders are also on the vehicle at the time of collision.  When this type of weight falls on an individual this is no joke, hence why motorcycle accidents can be life changing if not life threatening.

As a motorcyclist, Simon Law Group is here to protect your rights and needs both big and small.  We recognize that you are more prone to falling subject to accidents cars would normally glide past or where they would only experience minor damage.  Obstacles such as potholes, uneven roads, wildlife and ice patches are just a few of the complications standing in your way.

If you are in need of a motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas due to severe injures and/or loss of work contact Simon Law Group.  We have recently settled million dollar automobile cases and yours could be next! Call (702) 364 – 1650 to get started today!