Premises Liability Attorney of Las Vegas

contact simon lawPremises liability does not only include businesses, it also encompasses homeowners.  Although it can seem harsh to file a suit against a neighbor or friend, but sometimes this cannot be ignored.  If you injure yourself on someone’s unkept stairs or an unmarked ditch on their front lawn, you could have  a case.  Do not take any injury lightly.  Contact Simon Law Group today at (702) 364- 1650 for a consultation.

Business owners need to be held responsible for property neglect and if you find yourself injured due to a broken sidewalk, missing or broken railing, uneven pavement, potholes or even unkept property, it is time to find a premises liability attorney  in Las Vegas to make your case.  Whether the fall happens inside or outside, you could receive thousands and even in some larger cases, millions!

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Numerous people slip and fall and hurt themselves each year.  Sure, some falls are minor and barely make an impact; you scrape your knee or bruise your elbow and you get back up and dust yourself off as if it were nothing.  Everyone wishes this was always the case, but it is not.  What happens when you slip and fall in Las Vegas on public property and end up injured?  Your broken bones should by no means be taken lightly.

In nouthern Nevada and across the country it is not rare for people to hurt themselves on outdoor premises more often than indoor.  This is highly attributed to black ice, flooding and snow storms.   Some people fail to realize that when a foot of snow sticks to the ground, the business owner has a rather large obligation to remove it.  Failure to keep a clean, kept path to their business while they are open will put them at high risk.  If you fell due to an owner’s failure to clear snow or ice from their walkway, your may very well have a case we can address.