Safety From a Product Liability Attorney of Las Vegas

Every year thousands and thousands of products are recalled.  From children’s items such as playpens and strollers to beloved electronics like cell phones and televisions, complaints are made every year.  Larger and more dangerous recalls include cars and motorparts that may be putting our lives in danger every day without us even knowing it.  What do you do when you get into an accident and/ or are severely injured due to a product malfunction?  Even worse, what happens when your young child gets injured or passes away to due a recall?  This type of unpredictable injury cannot be taken lightly.

You hear cases on the news as large as faulty breaks on a model of cars, to locks that stay locked, or even parts that catch on fire!  When it comes to children’s products, fatal injures sometimes occur before corporations take action at looking back at product flaws and obvious patterns.  This could actually benefit buyers and this is why corporations have product liability insurance to protect them and you in the event that this all too common circumstance comes to light.

product recall results

We hear about tiny parts being digested by children because they fall off of a product.  Breaks stick and/ or fail on some new cars causing serious unpreventable collisions.  Some electronics have loose wires and end up shocking users.  All of the above occurrences fall under product liability and if you have found yourself injured, you need the right type of representation.

Due to manufacturing or even conceptual flaws numerous recalls hit the news every year.  Sometimes though, the news fails to hit its user.  Other times, people are hurt or injured years before the actual product recall is placed in effect.  Then what?  It can be hard to back track as your bills are piling up and numerous cases are being filed, this is why a product liability attorney of Las Vegas is your go-to source in a case like this.

Thankfully, most of these companies are more than open to providing consumers with full refunds or replacement products, but many times that is nowhere near enough.  If you were severely hurt, your case should be heard so not only you get fair compensation, but also so other product users hear your story.

Simon Law Group helps those who were wrongfully injured due to a faulty product.  This could mean being hurt at the workplace, in your own home or at a friend or a relatives; either way you are in trusted hands with us.  Call (702) 364- 1650 today.