Slip and Fall Lawyer in Las Vegas

If It Ever Happens

A violent fall is traumatic, and you may feel guilty at first about pursuing compensation. You might think it was your fault, when in fact the owner of the property where you fell may be liable. You’ll want to work with somebody who understands the law and who will treat you humanely as you pursue compensation for your injuries.
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A slip and fall lawyer in Las Vegas will have proven experience in cases similar to yours, so when looking for such an attorney, make sure you ask about the experience they have and the last case they took to trial. At Simon Law Group our lawyers are able to help. We are experts at slip and fall cases, as well as product liability, or any other legal trouble you may find yourself in. Contact us online or call at 702.364.1650.


5 Facts About Slip and Fall Cases

A slip and fall injury is a kind of tort or civil case

The lawsuit is private and meant to receive monetary compensation, typically for medical costs, lost wages, and suffering

Slip and fall cases can occur in public or private spaces

Typically slip and falls occur in public places such as stores or hotels. They can occur in private places, such as homes, and if the owner is negligent, you may be able to receive damages.

Standards vary by location

Public spaces are held to higher safety standards than private spaces, as a rule.

You must prove negligence & damages

You will need to prove the party responsible for the place where you fell was negligent. You must also prove you have been damaged, typically through loss of work and medical evidence.

Damages are based on actual injuries

The worse the injury, the higher the damages.