Trusted Truck Accident Attorney in Las Vegas

contact simon lawIf you or a loved one were recently in a collision with a truck you are not alone.  Whether it resulted in injury or death you may have a strong case with Simon Law Group.  We have seen cases that win the injured party and/or their loved ones millions.

Do not just accept what happened in a tragic event like this one.  Chances are it was a preventable circumstance and your case should not be ignored.  Call a truck accident attorney in Las Vegas like Simon Law Group at (702) 364- 1650 or schedule a consultation today!

Getting in an accident with a truck can be one of the most devastating cases.  Although most trucks are now enforced to wear side guards, they are still absent amongst a majority of vehicles.  Side guards on trucks could even mean the difference between life and death because ultimately it is better for a car to crash into the side of a truck rather than to get stuck underneath it.

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Many accidents involving large vehicles such as trucks and buses are due to driver neglect, bad weather conditions (such as slippery when wet roads in Las Vegas), reckless driving or even faulty machinery.  In these cases, the incident would be no fault and you would certainly have a case worth representing.  These brutal accidents happen every day and they need to be heard so they can be prevented in the future.  Plus, your case could result in eliminating a reckless driver from a company, fixing a faulty product or even repairing dangerous, unmarked roads!

Picture driving on a highway and passing a large truck in the lefthand land, just like any other day.  It just so happens that this day happens to be windy and cold.  These weather conditions make it difficult for both you and the truck driver to maneuver to the full potential.  The wind paired with the slick roads cause the truck to lose control heading directly at you.  This is an accident that was hard to prevent, but what happens if you survive and your passenger does not?  Even if your passenger survives and ends up in critical condition, you should report to an attorney.  It is crucial to further dig into the case to see exactly what caused the incident.  If you do not look into the case you may never know if the truck driver was driving recklessly or if there was an issue with his actual truck.  You could be missing out on thousands or even millions!