Truck Accident Lawyer | Las Vegas

When You’re in an Accident

A truck accident is traumatic, and the last thing on your mind afterwards might be that you need a lawyer. But once the dust settles, you may indeed need a lawyer, and ASAP, whether the driver of the other vehicle considers you to be at fault or not. You may be owed compensation by the other driver, and you’ll want someone to represent you and handle things properly and in your best interest. Here at Simon Law Group, we understand your situation and will treat you humanely as you pursue compensation for your injuries.

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A truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas will have demonstrable experience in cases like yours. When seeking such an attorney, ask about experiences they have in this area of law and the last case they took to trial. At Simon Law Group our lawyers are able to help with any kind of legal trouble, ranging from truck accidents to premises liability cases. Contact us online or call at 702.364.1650!

Truck Accidents Happen!

Accidents happen, and are usually unexpected and unavoidable. But sometimes accidents can be avoided, and in that gap between inevitability and reality is liability. To get help determining what you might be owed in the case of a truck accident, you’ll want to see what a truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas can do for you.