If You Were Injured on the Job a Workman's Comp Attorney of Las Vegas Can Help

receiving work benefits

Workman’s Compensation, this is something American’s should always be entitled to, but this is simply not the case.  Numerous employers fail to offer any benefits to their employees, let alone workmen’s compensation. This benefit falls behind in priority clearly after health insurance benefits, paid time off and sometimes even after unemployment benefits!  So, what happens when you are hurt on the job and unable to work, or simply unfit to do the position you used to execute flawlessly?

Every year people are hurt on the job.  Just this past year, one construction worker made the news do to a severe incident.  He was working at his job site and talking to a coworker.  During their conversation, a steel rod slipped and fell right through the male’s skull.  It literally went through the back of his head and came out between his eyes.  Somehow, the victim remain conscious and actually survived this accident.  The story was infamous especially since doctors said they expected him to see a full recovery thanks to hours of extensive surgery.

Imagine experiencing the above incident without workman’s comp?  This would mean thousands of dollars worth of debt due to medical bills because clearly a surgery of that magnitude could  put a person into debt for a lifetime.  The male would also need ample time away from work in order to fully heal and function, not to mention the physical therapy that will probably follow the recovery.  Yes, this is an extreme example, but people still frequently get hurt at work even if it is a less harsh of a manner.

Even if you have an office job, you could easily get electrocuted, fall on the stairs, lift a box that is too heavy or even a cabinet could fall on you.  Any or all of these circumstances could leave you without work and with the need for immediate medical attention.  In this case, if you find yourself without workman’s compensation you would need to find a workman’s comp attorney in Las Vegas to get you the money you deserve from pain, suffering, medical bills and loss of work.

Did you recently fall victim to an injury in the workplace?  Whether you do not have workman’s comp or your employee unfairly filed your claim, Simon Law Group.  Attorney, Dan Simon will file your suit so you can get compensation for money both lost and spent.  Call (702) 364- 1650 for more information or to schedule an appointment with this local professional.