How to Conduct an Effective Witness Interview After an Accident

In the aftermath of an auto accident, witnesses can be a key factor in determining who was at fault. However, conducting an effective witness interview is not as easy as it may seem. Here are a few things to remember to improve the odds of winning your case. Reach Out The first step to gathering

How Far Do Insurance Adjusters Go to Deny a Claim?

Having to file a personal injury claim is stressful enough. To add to the stress, insurance agents will often times spy on claimants, in hopes of finding some form of activity that disproves their claim. If s/he finds something that doesn’t perfectly match up to the claimant’s condition, the claim may be dropped. Be cautious

Buycott App Holds Companies Accountable for Products

As consumers, our purchases represent our stamp of approval for the products we buy (and the companies that produce them). When companies or manufacturers fail to put consumer safety first, consumers can make a statement by refusing to buy products from these companies. However, things aren’t always so transparent; many companies are often owned by

Teens Make More Mistakes Behind the Wheel When Listening to Their Favorite Music

Everyone knows that teenage drivers are more likely to cause accidents than the average driver. A new study from Ben-Gurion University of Negev might shed some light on the core habits that lead teens to drive unsafely. Teens driving to music In the October 2013 issue of Accident Analysis and Prevention, Ben-Gurion University researchers published

Slip and Fall Accidents Cost $60 Billion in Damages Annually

  Slip and fall injuries are becoming an epidemic in the U.S., with the total annual cost of such injuries exceeding $60 billion.Such injuries are the most common accident in the workplace. Statistics show that there are about 25,000 slip and fall injuries that occur every day, which result in an estimated 95 million lost

Android Powered Helmet Aims to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

A new, technology-driven motorcycle helmet has the potential to increase the safety of motorcycle drivers everywhere. After suffering a motorcycle accident in Barcelona, Marcus Weller saw the potential to prevent future accidents by improving the standard motorcycle helmet. He then proceeded to found Skully Helmets – an Android powered helmet designed to give riders a

Who is Liable in a Driverless Car Crash?

Science fiction has been predicting the technology for years, but now it is (almost) here: cars that drive themselves. Over the past few years, Google has had tremendous success in the initial trials of their automated car (even testing their fleet of driver-less Priuses on public roads). The cars have operated themselves for hundreds of

Dog Bites Cost Insurance Companies $1Billion Every Year

Think that dog bites are rare occurrences? Think again. There are an estimated 4.7 million dog bite reports every year in the U.S. alone. About 50% of those dog bites involve children under 12 years old. Dog owners are legally responsible for keeping their animals on a leash on all public property at all times.  If

Hands Free Devices 3 Times More Distracting Than Handheld Phones

The rise of our cell phone culture has also led to a backlash against distracted driving. As countless studies have pointed out, texting and driving are no laughing matter, and many states have passed laws requiring drivers to either hang up or use a “hands free” device. But is anyone monitoring the safety of these

Is Cell Phone Addiction Behind Society’s Distracted Driving Problem?

We all know that texting while driving is not safe; it distracts us from what’s happening on the road in front of us, with an estimated 28% of all accidents involving a driver who was texting or talking on the phone. According to the National Safety Council, around 1.4 million crashes are caused each year