Uninsured Motorist Drives with Pliers

Beware of the crazy people out there, especially those driving without a license or insurance. An Australian man was recently pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, but what police found was much more shocking. Instead of a steering wheel, the man was operating his vehicle with a pair of pliers. Police later found the

Honeymoon Ends in Tragedy

Drunk driving can ruin any occasion, even a newlywed couple’s honeymoon. A 43-year-old man is being held on bail for allegedly hitting another vehicle, killing a woman and seriously injuring the man while driving under the influence of alcohol. The couple was on their honeymoon and was visiting Niagara Falls when they were hit on

School Bus Driver Unfit to Drive

After driving a school bus into a dump truck and killing an 11-year-old girl, the driver of the bus was found to have an undisclosed medical history that should have banned him from driving. Officials claim the man was suffering from sleep deprivation and was taking prescription medicine at the time of the crash. Investigators

Entertainer Chris Brown Sued by Fan

A woman who allegedly was injured by performer Chris Brown following a concert is suing both the singer and the venue for assault, battery and premises liability. After Brown allegedly shoved the woman to the ground, venue staff explained they would call the police instead of an ambulance if the woman would not leave the

Family Files Suit Against NFL

The family of Leon Gray has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the NFL. Gray, a Pro Bowl lineman that played for the Patriots and Saints in the 1970’s, died at the age of 49 in 2001. Gray’s family believes that concussions were the cause of the All-Pro’s death, which police originally thought was due

Dog Bite Injury Caused Amputations

Next time your dog playfully bites you, don’t assume everything is fine. A woman recently was bitten by her Shih Tzu, which got infected and required an amputation of three of her limbs. The bite became infected with a bacteria that is commonly found in dog and cat saliva, sending her into shock. Dog bites

Shopping for a Personal Injury Lawyer? 5 Questions You Should Ask First

In the market for a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer? Before you hire the first name you spot in the phone book, take the time to interview that lawyer or firm first. You will be working closely with whomever you choose, therefore this lawyer must have quality credentials and a high success rate. So what are

Eating and Car Accidents: Not the Happy Meal You’d Think

Just one bite.  That’s what he said to himself before he hit you.  Now, your car is destroyed and your health is in jeopardy.  Where do you turn? When you need a Las Vegas car accident lawyer, call Simon Law Group.  You can schedule your consultation for free, and there are no fees unless your case settles. 

Las Vegas Auto Accident Statistics

In the year 2010, an average of 141 car crashes occurred each day in the state of Nevada. While car and truck accidents are bound to happen, it’s a bit unnerving to see the figures stacked so high. Check out this infographic that details the automobile accidents in Las Vegas. With the help of programs

Top 3 Misunderstood ‘Dangerous’ Dog Breeds

For the most part, dogs provide great companionship, help to lower blood pressure in humans and offer a friendly, fuzzy creature that brings joy to our lives. However, thanks to irresponsible pet ownership, certain breeds of dogs can get violent and aggressive toward humans, resulting in some serious personal injury. It’s unfortunate to see an