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As Simon Law Group we focus on all injury cases with an emphasis on
catastrophic injury cases realizing that every serious injury is life
changing. Our staff is experienced in helping with the day to day
matters that make life so difficult when dealing with the effects of a
serious injury. Our goal is to give you the answers to put your mind at
ease knowing that all of your concerns are handled. Unlike many firms,
we actually will conduct the trial if your case is not resolved by
settlement. Knowing that the actual lawyer representing you will go to
trial increases the value of your case. 

We handle workers compensation cases and personal injury matters. Often
times a personal injury case happens during work allowing for two
different cases at the same time. We understand how each case works with
each other to allow for the maximum recovery. 

Picture of kid with glasses and green sweater We listen and care. In
order to acheive the best results, a lawyer should listen to the fears
and concerns of its clients. We have the answers to put your mind at
ease so you can conentrate on getting better. We listen to what the
client really wants to acheive and help them get the best possible

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Hard work is essential. There is no substitute for hard work preparing a
case. Many times, the most successful results are acheived in the hard
work preparing your case. The devil is in the details and usually cases
are won when the details are exposed. The simon law group works tiredly
to acheive thase results.

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Experience matters. At simon law group we have successfully handled
numerous multi-million dollar cases to a final resolution. Knowing how
powerful or damaging  evidence will be used in a case can change the
outcome. It is crucial to know what evidence will be needed and to
understand how to go get that evidence. Many times, creative lawyering
gathering the key pieces of evidence wins the case.

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Taking your case to a whole new level. Many lawyers resolve cases for
much less than they are worth because they do not understand the medical
or legal issues that can make the case much more valuable. Simon law
group understands the medical and legal issues to resolve the case with
the highest possible level of success.

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Understanding the medicine. Every personal injury case involves an
injury. If the lawyer does not understand the medicine or the need for
different specilialist to prove the case, the case is already at risk
for failure. At simon law group we understand the medicine and the need
for different medical disciplines to prove the case and acheive the
highest level of success.

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Dont gamble with your case. Every lawyer should be able to give you a
game plan as to how they would handle the case. If they cannot tell you
the details of their approach to prosecuting your case, it is time to
see someone else. Clients should meet with several different lawyers and
ask them the tough questions. At simon law group we will listen and
evaluate your case and give you a detailed game plan as to how we will
approach your case. This allows the client to make an informed decision
based on expectations discussed at the outset leaving no surprises at
the end.

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Trust. A client should feel comfortable that they can trust their
attorney. Many lawyers make promises that they vannot keep. If lawyers
quote you the value of your case before you have completed treatment or
at the beginning, serious doubt should be considered. The value of a
case depends on the nature and extent of the injuries which can rarely
be determined at the beginning of the case. Some lawyers offer
discounted fees for the first 30 or 60 days. Personal injury cases will
rarely be resolved within the time frame, which means this type of
incentive is suspect. At simon law group, mr simon was born and raised
in las vegas. You will personally meet with an attorney and can have
access to your file at anytime. You will not be mislead and you will be
told the truth. 

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Make the right move. We are available for immediate consultation and
once retained, will commence work immediately to aggresively represent
you. It is important to retain an attorney as soon as possible so that
evidence can be preserved, clients understand their rights and what is
expected of them. Time is of the essence to lay the proper foundation to
a successful personal injury case. 

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Verdicts, judgments and settlements
Simon law group has handled over a thousand cases. Some of the results
acheived are below

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Depression. Many serious injuries have associated depression. Feelings
of depression and anxiety flow from inability to work, pain and
inability to do normal daily living activities. Including depression as
a component to your personal injury case can increase the value of your
case. If the lawyer has not discussed this aspect of your case it is
time to see someone else.

Picture of kids fighting or more serious picture Litigation is war. When
a lawsuit is filed, it is endless hours battling to win. We understand
that the best outcome for your case is the only thing that matters to

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Personal injury show photos like simon website auto accident, product
liability, work injury, falling object, motorcycle accident, dog bite
(growling dog)

Meet the attorneys
Simon law group is a boutique practice giving specialized attention to
their clients. Unlike big firms where you become a number, we personally
handle your case and are availble to discuss important issues right a

Daniel simon, born and raised in las vegas nevada graduated with honors
from whittier college of law in 1992. He immediately went to work
litigiating personal injury and workers compensation cases concentrating
on the more serious injury cases.

Adam muslusky 

Workers compensation area
Simon law group specializes in work injuries for 20 years. When a
personal injury case happens in the work place, we can handle both the
workers compensation claim and the personal injury case. This is
important because we understand how one claim affects the other to get
the maximum compensation in both cases. Many law firms will refer out
the workers compensation claim to another firm. This ultimately leads to
a lack of communications that diminshes the value of the claim.