Construction Site Injuries

Compensation for Construction Site Injuries

Las Vegas has one of the most active construction industries in the country. The risk of construction site injuries rises every time a casino or hotel seeks a new or more innovative construction project. Construction injuries can be very serious and may involve a painful personal injury, permanent disability, or even death.

man falling off ladder

It’s critical to work with an experienced injury lawyer who has helped countless accident victims win lawsuits due to construction injuries. Nevada residents may be entitled to workmans compensation, in addition to compensation for injuries and damages.

Construction Site Risks

Construction sites have the potential to harm both construction workers and passersby. The biggest risks to passersby include falling tools, materials, and other debris from above. Many Las Vegas construction projects build up at the edge of property lines, leaving little room between the construction project and the public. Another hazard is excavations along work site edges.

With more than 20 years experience, Simon Law Group has been successfully helping individuals harmed in a construction site get the compensation they deserve. Whether you are a construction worker or a passerby hurt at a construction site, contact our trusted and experienced law firm.

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