Violent Crime Attorney

Victims of violent crimes have a unique set of needs, both from a personal standpoint and a legal one. These crimes can have an enormous impact on your life and can affect your physical well-being, your ability to work and earn a living, and even your state of mind. The last thing you need to worry about is paperwork and legal details, but unfortunately, these are often time sensitive issues that must be addressed.

A Violent Crime Attorney You Can Turn To

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At Simon Law Group, we understand the unique needs of those who have been impacted by a violent crime. We work with our clients to take care of the details, so that they can focus on recovery.

Personal Attention from an Experienced Attorney

The small size of our law firm will ensure that your case receives the personalized attention it deserves, unlike at larger law firms where your claim becomes just one among many. Your initial consultation with us is always free, and you don’t pay us anything unless we win your case.

Don’t struggle through the aftermath of a violent crime alone. Contact the office of Dan Simon, the best personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, at (702) 364-1650. Get the compensation you deserve to secure your recovery.